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Home, sweet home. I am back where I grew up.

Welcome to my feelgood world!

I write feelgood novels about love, friendship – and about making dreams come true. The characters are often strong women with a good sense of humour, looking for something new to happen in their lives. The setting is always the beautiful Swedish countryside.
I was born and raised on a small farm in Roslagen, 90 kilometres north of Stockholm, and moved back a few years ago with my husband. The cows are long gone – but we have Putte the Cat, a ferocious hunter who tirelessly patrols the fields and ditches for voles and mice. And we still own a few acres of land and all the barns, painted traditional Falurödfärg red, are still standing.
And as I write a new chapter of my next book, and of my life, I look out the window and see the lake where I used to row and fish and swim when I was a child.
That makes me feel good.
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