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Home, sweet home. I am back where I grew up.

Welcome to my website!

I write feel-good novels about love, friendship – and about making dreams come true. The characters are often strong women with a good sense of humour, looking for something new to happen in their lives. The setting is always the beautiful Swedish countryside.
I was born and raised on a small farm in Roslagen, 90 kilometres north of Stockholm, and moved back a few years ago with my husband. The cows are long gone – but we have Putte the Cat, a ferocious hunter who tirelessly patrols the fields and ditches for voles and mice. And we still own a few acres of land and all the barns, painted traditional Falurödfärg red, are still standing.
And as I write a new chapter of my next book, and of my life, I look out the window and see the lake where I used to row and fish and swim when I was a child.
That makes me feel good.
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Would you like to know more about my novels?
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From a review of my new novel Hemma hos Bettan (At Bettan´s)
from the blog A Bookaholic Swede:
”At home at Bettan’s is a very charming book about three friends who by chance open a retro-retreat for people around 50 years old who need to take a break. Either they have lost their jobs because they are too old or they only need to find themselves again. And what’s better than to return to the 70s when they were happiest?//…//
The book took me only a few hours to read. But, that’s not so surprising since it’s a feel-good book, easy to read, and perfect for when you want to lie on the couch one day and just read something pleasant.”